Welcome to our demo site!

Open Repository is a hosted solution from BioMed Central and a Registered Service Provider of DuraSpace.  We build and maintain enhanced DSpace repositories which we can customize for all types of institutions and organizations on a global basis. This allows an organisation to preserve and showcase its intellectual output to an unrestricted, global audience.

Within our demo site you'll find some example test submissions, some Open Repository support and training material, and the odd BioMed Central publication.

Creating your institutional repository can be a major challenge for institutions which is why Open Repository offers a free pilot repository, at no cost, so users can experience the service we offer.

If you are interested in a free trial of our service please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.



As of August 2013, Open Repository have introduced a new contemporary User Interface for all our DSpace clients. The new interface is device responsive and works for PC, Smartphone & Tablets. It offers the best possible repository user-experience for each device. 


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